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Bumrock Fine Art Photography - About Us
Art Prints
The Original: 
Bumrock ! - Is a genuine, naturally formed rock in the Sinai desert and measures approximately
 1.5 - 2 metres across.
Bumrock the Original - Sinai desert landscape photograph
Photography by:
Sadie Shard - fine art photographer
Sadie Shard - Whilst studying for her degree in Ancient and Medieval History Sadie is a keen photographer with a passion for art. Her photographs reflect this combination with many vibrant close ups of flowers and insects as well as natural and seasonal landscapes. 
What is it ?    (click picture to view)
What is it? #15 - African Hippos (picture puzzle)
Mike Pringle - fine art photographer
Mike Pringle - A lifelong enthusiastic photographer with an appetite
for travel. Mike has visited many interesting and exotic places, always
returning with stunning landscapes and spectacular images of the
natural world. Mike is also responsible for the original 'Bumrock'.
Technical assistance: 
Morph ! - The identity of Morph (like the exact location of the Bumrock) is a closely guarded secret. Last spotted running across the North Yorkshire moors he struck fear into the local
 sheep. Please be on the lookout for him and
 report any future sightings!
 Morph on the North Yorkshire moors
Websites for Photographers
Robert Shard
Robert Shard - just the man who puts it all together :)
Special thanks to:
A special thank you goes to all of our family and friends who have supported us throughout this project and to everyone who visits the site. Your support is very much appreciated and we hope that you enjoy the site as much as we do creating it. We look forward to your next visit !

Novelty Bumrocks - original bumrocks just for fun !

Bottoms Up! - Novelty Bumrock fun photo art
The Original Bumrock - Sinai Desert
Original Bumrock 
Hello Cheeky! - Novelty Bumrock fun photo art
Desert Moon! 
Desert Moon! - Novelty Bumrock fun photo art
Thinking of You! - Novelty Bumrock fun photo art
Thinking of You! 
Fine Art America - our images are hosted and sold through Fine Art America to ensure high levels of quality and service.
All photographs are original and in high resolution suitable for the wide selection of products at Fine Art America. Pictures displayed here are displayed at lower resolutions to protect from piracy.
All photos are copyright and may not be copied, distributed or modified in any way without the written permission of the owner. If interested please email me at rob@bumrock.co.uk